Francesca Terminiello

Fran studied Journalism at degree level then rediscovered creative writing, a passion of her childhood, after the birth of her second child.

Following a year of prolific output she turned her efforts towards becoming a professional writer and wrote the short story that later grew into Book One of Where Dead Gods Lie Buried – a series she is co-authoring with David Murray.

Authors she admires are J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber,  Scott Lynch, Richard Morgan, Margaret Atwood and Joe Abercrombie.

Fran lives in Surrey with her husband, daughter and son. She edits web content and fiction, and in her spare time enjoys fantasy role playing games. She also practices western martial arts (16th Century Bolognese swordplay and 17th Century rapier) and is fluent in Italian.

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