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Book Review – Asian Monsters by Margret Helgadottir (ed)

Joanne Hall


PB, 167 pages, Fox Spirit

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Asian monsters cover Cover art by Daniele Serra

Asian Monsters is the third volume in Fox Spirit’s ongoing series of illustrated coffee-table books exploring monster myths from all corners of the globe. This edition is ably edited by Margret Helgadottir, who is a very fine SF writer in her own right (I urge you to check out The Stars Seem So Far Away), and she’s done a great job of drawing together a diverse set of stories from across the continent, from Pakistan to the Philippines. (If I have one small complaint about the collection it’s that I would have liked to see a story or two from Eastern Russia, but I appreciate that anthology editors can only work with what they get sent.)

Personal highlights of this collection (and there are many, there’s not really…

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