This time last year…


It’s quarter to ten, I’ve had a few glasses of white wine, I said I would do another blog post before the year was out, so here it is. Let’s visit my former self in 2011, pondering what she would aim for in 2012:

Complete editing on the novel and submit to agents

This turned into a rewrite, and I have one scene left to go. If I push it I might squeeze it in before the chimes of midnight. The submitting will have to wait though.

Submit and become published in an anthology

I made the grade. A very proud moment when my first short story got published in Tales of the Nun and Dragon. Watch this space for another coming out soon from Fox Spirit Publishing.

Enter Rapier 2012, Swordfish and Fightcamp tournaments.

I did all three – 5 competitions in all – and I had tremendous fun. Goal for 2013 will be to move a bit higher up the rankings, that’s going to involve a lot of focus and training, as well as dealing with my mental attitude to fights I think – I just don’t get worked up enough.

Achieve Laureando status

I passed. In my fencing school this is the ‘intermediate’ level of competence, there’s only one more to go after that and it’s spadaccino, swords(wo)man. That’ll be a way off from 2013 I think.

Get fitter

This went on the back-burner after a bout of illness, and I found it very hard to get back to my former level of fitness. I really need to develop some good habits and will try to be a lot more active in 2013. I’ve taken up the million steps challenge (not man brave enough to take on the million words) with a few other writer buddies, so that’s something. I’ve still got my fencing which is something I actively enjoy, perhaps some sword-based fitness training is in order.

Write every single day

This too, was less than daily. I’ve spent a lot of time editing which I guess doesn’t count but I will start another good habit: always have a short story in the pot perhaps, just to keep me scribbling.

Read more books, especially non-fiction

Yes, and no. I read around eighteen books this year, that’s a lot for me. I read slowly and always have more than one on the go (ten at the last count). Most of them were SFF but I did manage to get some non-fiction and other genres in as well. It’s really hard when there’s so many great books out there though, especially ones in a series (GRRM, Abercrombie, Aaronovitch, Cooper, Lyle). In 2013 I will try and alternate.

Help other people to achieve their goals, whether it’s writing, swordfighting or anything else that I can assist with.

This I can definitely polish my halo over. In April I was introduced to the founders of Esfinges, a group for women in HEMA, and have kind of become the non-official gopher for Europe. I’ve been doing my utmost to get women talking about swordplay, and to get them involved and interested in this growing martial art. So far it’s been very successful and we have over two hundred and fifty members world wide. Writing wise I’ve been critting for friends and giving advice where I can. This is a difficult one, as I’m sure a lot of authors suffer feelings of inadequacy to some degree, especially un/newly published ones, and we don’t want to feel that we’re giving advice that we’re not qualified to distribute. So I just try and give as honest an opinion as I can, and hope it helps.

In 2013 I will be trying to get some events organised for Esfinges and meet people face-to-face that want to take up HEMA. It should be exciting. Writing wise I will just continue to be as available as I can, help friends out, as I have been helped countless times.

Put our regular content

*Looks awkward, studies shoes*

Well, not exactly regular, but as I said this time last year I don’t want to put in irrelevant waffle. I do only post when it is worth doing so. Given that a lot of the time I am editing and drafting, that I have little advice to give as I’ve not been in this game long enough and I’m finding out for myself, I think that’s forgiveable.

For 2013 I should have more writing-related news to post about, as well as all the usual swordfighting shenanigans. A happy new year to you all, I hope it brings you what you need and deserve most.

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