Monthly Archives: August 2012

Bringing home gold

I am so proud of my fencing school, School of the Sword, and most of all my husband, Pim. Four of them drove to the Arts of Mars 3rd World Wide Open Championship 2012 in Hanover last weekend. After a week of lessons they entered tournaments for Sword & Buckler, Rapier & Dagger and Dussack. In the rapier final was my husband Pim and Rob Runacres, also from our school – two great fencers who I admire and look up to. Pim took the gold and Rob the silver. Pim made it to the sword & buckler final where his opponent was Jason Bonner, also from our school and another great fighter who has been very supportive and an all-round great guy since I started historical fencing. Pim took the gold again and Jason the silver. So proud of all of them, and very grateful to our instructors: Phil Marshall and Caroline Stewart. Without them I wouldn’t be fencing, and my life would be poorer.