Apocalypse Girls Article

I knew my swordy skills would come in handy, one day the bullets will run out you know.

See my article at The Girls’ Guide to the Apocalypse.



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  1. I’m a big roleplayer, as you probably know from following my natterings.

    One of the games I’ve played a lot recently and am playing currently is “Apocalypse World” It s a balls-to-the-wall post apocalyptic RPG that is centered on character.

    Anyway, one of the conceits of the world, as unrealistic as it might be, is that there always is enough bullets (and guns) and also gasoline. Unrealistic, but its a conceit.

    That said, you can have a character who likes pointy weapons…but such characters are better skulking around than stand up fighting.

  2. Hi Paul

    I’m not averse to the odd RPG myself, and AW has intrigued me. But that conceit about gas and bullets is amusing because even in a pre-apocalyptic world (I understand the States might be slightly different from us here) getting hold of ammunition is extremely difficult. As for stand up fighting, if it comes to the apocalypse and groups of humans are fighting it out for scarce resources, I’m going to be skulking rather than going toe to toe!

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