What now?

As David has already mentioned we have finished the first draft of book one (or maybe books one and two, or perhaps book one and a bit). So for the first time in two years I find myself without the need to write on a daily basis . . . or do I?

Prior to Where Dead Gods Lie Buried I was ninety thousand words deep into the draft of a YA fantasy novel. I now consider this the beginnings of my training, along with a blog of flash fiction that I did for a year prior to that. I abandoned it and started something new (the short that later became WDGLB), with the aim to coming back to it at some point. In all honesty I think one day I will dust it off, strip it down to a few paragraphs and do it properly. That was when I was a pantser, I am still a pantser, but in small, plottable chunks. Hold me closer, tiny pantser . . .

Anyway, to this end, and to pass the time whilst waiting for David to shuffle all the bits and pieces into chapters and cast his copy editor’s eye over the first draft, I thought to try a short story in the same world.

I’m one of these people who needs a kick start to get my engine running, after that I can go with it. I might crash it into a wall, but I’ve resolved to just keep going if that happens again. So I googled one of those plot generators and it gave me a two sentence synopsis – in fact that’s what got me cracking with my original short story.

I’ve started drafting, plotting and sketching it out – I’m just going to have fun with it, keep myself busy. In fact, shortly after I started Matt T Dillon asked me if I was going to consider such a thing, the man’s psychic!

So watch this space, or rather this space. I may have something for you in the near future.

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  1. We shall look forward to it!

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