First day

It’s my eldest’s first day at preschool today, and my first day on this blog.

You may know me from Twitter, chances are that’s how you found me, but I am 32, I write SFF and I play with swords.

I’ve been writing with increasing seriousness for a couple of years now. I write mainly speculative fiction and have this past year been working on a series of fantasy noir books with coauthor David Murray.

The title of the blog reflects my writing habits. I’m at home with two kids so I take my chances to write where I can – often my car is my study.

Here is where I plan to share my writing experiences, journey towards publication, thoughts, fiction, interviews, reviews and stuff that might be useful anyone with an interest in writing and speculative fiction. Writing’s a lonely activity, so it’s good to share.

See my About page for more about me, and Where Dead Gods Lie Buried – the website of my coauthored books.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog and the ‘Where Dead Gods Lie Buried’ (great title) one, too!

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